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Glock 43 Gatcaddy-Minuteman Defense

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"Simply Concealable"

This phrase perfectly describes the idea behind the design of the G43 Gatcaddy. We combined our go to design with some added concealment features and came up with appendix holster ideal for even the deepest concealment. 

Features :

  • Tuck-able
  • RMR compatible
  • Compensator / Threaded barrel compatible
  • Adjustable retention
  • Comfort wedge
  • Concealment wedge

The combination of elongated muzzle and body side comfort wedge alleviates that awkward pinch other short holsters suffer from. The elongated muzzle also accommodates popular compensators and threaded barrels while protecting your "tender bits" . We also added a strut option so that you can use your Gatcaddy with a tucked shirt. We also included the RMR compatible sweat shield for those of you wanting to run optics.