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Shield Gatcaddy-Minuteman Defense

Shield Gatcaddy-Minuteman Defense

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The Gatcaddy is a blend of real world testing, customer feed back and design experience. This holster features our signature tuck feature, over sized sight channel,adjustable cant,adjustable retention, adjustable ride height and adjustable belt loops.  Each one of these features has been tested and perfected over the course of several years. 

The Gatcaddy is built near Kansas City mo with the best all American made materials available in the industry.

We have chosen to use two high quality rubber coated nylon straps with a directional snap for these holsters. This negates the risk of the holster accidentally becoming unattached from the belt when drawn. This loop also allows for 1.5, 1.75 and 2 inch belts. Using these loops takes up less space on the belt and is less noticeable then other hardware on the market.

The Gatcaddy is designed to be carried by as many body types as possible while still maintaining a high standard of conceal-ability and comfort.